Emergency Medical Technician

An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a clinician, trained to care for the sick or injured in emergency settings.  An EMT is one of the first healthcare providers on the scene during an emergency. EMTs must have sharp observation and decision making skills to enable them to think quickly on their feet. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, performing CPR, administering oxygen, administering glucose to diabetics and treating asthma attacks and allergic reactions. EMTs operate under the authority of a physician.  Becoming an EMT is the first step in pre-hospital care and is required in order to become a paramedic.

This EMT program through the Northeast Resiliency Consortium prepared students for the New York State Emergency Medical Technician certification, a certification which is valid for three years. This training reviewed all topics of the exam including the most recent national standards. Highly interactive courses taught students about basic lifesaving techniques such as scene safety, bleeding control, movement of patients and oxygen administration. Additionally, the resiliency component that comes with NRC will help EMTs respond during times of crisis.

While NRC’s EMT training has ended, you can still take these classes through Kingsborough’s Office of Continuing Education. For more information call 718.368.4870 or visit Continuing Education’s website.

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