CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP)

languageThe CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP) is an intensive, full-time academic program for ESL learners to prepare for college. The program is only available to permanent residents who have been accepted into a CUNY college program, and who did not pass the CUNY Reading or Writing placement tests.

To register for CLIP, you must present a letter of acceptance from the college (or, preferably, from the University Applications Processing Center), confirming that you have been accepted to a CUNY college. Students in the program are expected to attend City University after completing CLIP.

Students in the CLIP program:

  • Work intensively 25 hours per week to improve reading, writing and academic skills without using their financial aid
  • Develop computer and research skills in a computer lab
  • Take CUNY placement tests (if eligible) before starting or returning to college
  • May remain in the program for a maximum of 900 hours: 300 hours (Fall); 150 hours (Winter); 300 hours (Spring); and 150 hours (Summer)
  • Are able to register for either day or evening classes

Please come to the ESL Program Office in Room T2-31 to complete registration, testing and to pay for the program. Remember to bring your letter of acceptance (either from the college or, preferably, from the UAPC) proving that you have been accepted to a CUNY college. All students are required to take the CUNY Freshman Skills Assessment Test and CLIP placement tests before beginning the class.

Schedule for tuition and fees for 2017-2018:

Fall 2017               Sept 12 – Dec 11         (12 weeks)        $145
Winter 2018         Jan 08 – Feb 21           (6 weeks)           $75
Spring 2018          Mar 12 – Jun 06           (12 weeks)       $145
Summer 2018      Jun 25 – Aug 08          (6 weeks)           $75

For additional information, please call (718) 368-4870, or visit us in Building T2, Room T231