CUNY TechWorks Web Design Program

What if you could have a career that brought out both your technical and creative sides every day?

Now You can! Join us for FREE Web Designing courses at
Kingsborough Community College in 2018!

With our FREE Web Designing courses you will:

  • Learn from experts in the field.
  • Create a portfolio of projects and collaborate with classmates.
  • Get job search support and networking opportunities both before, during and after completion! Take the first steps to your new career path by contacting us at 718-368-6690 or filling out the form below and someone will be in touch with you!
CUNY TechWorks

If you are interested in attending a CTW Application Session, please fill out the below form. A representative will call you to assess your eligibility and tell you everything you need to know about our programs.

Program Eligibility

Your responses determine your eligibility, so please read each question carefully and choose the best answer. If you are unsure about a question and would like to speak with an CTW representative, please contact us at 718.368.6690.

*Test for Adult Basic Education.
**Applicants only need one of the above.
***If your document is not in English, it must be translated.
If you are a US citizen, have a green card, or have a work visa, you are eligible for KCC's CTW.
Answering NO will not make you ineligible. This question is not mandatory.
Answering NO will not make you ineligible. This question is not mandatory.

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions, we might not be able to serve you due to US Department of Labor restrictions. To speak to a representative about your eligibility, please call us at the number above.

Contact Information
Please give your first AND last name.
Enter your phone number without hyphens (-). Example: 1234567890
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If you have any questions about the above application, please do not hesitate to contact us a 718.368.6690.

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