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Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative Final Event!


This summer, 30 NYC high school students participated in Kingsborough’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative (BSII), a STEM program that combined chemistry, nutrition, urban farming and entrepreneurship topics into one 5-week summer intensive.

Using KCC’s Urban Farm as a hands-on, living lab, students learned about carbohydrates, fats, protiens, vitamins and minerals through a nutritional chemistry course. This class was paired with a business course, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, where groups of students developed businesses based on the science topics they learned.

Join us on Thursday, August 3rd for the final event where groups of students will pitch their business in a “Shark Tank”-style event and showcase the science behind their work in a posterboard session. All are welcome to attend.

Register for the event here:


This Summer at Kingsborough: Chemistry, Nutrition, Business and Farming!

Calling all High School Juniors! 

Spend July with Kingsborough’s for the Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative (BSII) a science and business immersion program!


This program has a lot going for it! First, you’ll learn about foundational chemistry topics through the lens f nutrition, specifically about how chemicals, vitamins and minerals effect basic bodily systems. Second, you’ll use KCC Urban Farm, KCC’s on-campus food production site, as a hands-on laboratory. Third, you’ll take what you’ve learned to create businesses that respond to industry-related problems. When you go back to school in the Fall, you’ll have the power to amaze your friends with your knowledge of chemistry, business, nutrition AND farming.

Last year’s focus of Earth Science led students to create businesses such as SpearTech, a solar-powered outdoor canopy that harnesses the sun’s power for usable energy, and BeeHax, a company that studies and proposes solutions to the collapse of bee colonies around the world, among others.

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Thrive and Succeed at KCC

VP Dr. Reza Fakhari speaking with KCC students

VP Dr. Reza Fakhari speaking with KCC students

Last month, Kingsborough Community College hosted the Thrive and Succeed Summit, a day-long seminar and workshop led by Chet W. Sisk, head founder of LEAD Global. Chet, along with is partners Rocio Perez, DeAngelo Starnes and Gabriel Jimenez guided the audience through discovering, defining and harnessing their passions into a meaningful career, whatever that may be. KCC students, faculty and staff explored what the recent social and economic paradigm shift means to them as they enter the workforce, including what the new definitions of employment and the workforce.

Chet talked about the major pillars of the current employment and world paradigm shift:


Chet Sisk speaking with KCC students

  • The emergence of The Internet of Things
  • Connectedness as a world philosophy
  • The coming automation unemployment crisis
  • The restorative justice movement
  • The shared gender empowerment movement
  • The sharing economy
  • Social entrepreneurship

The employment market has changed. Workers seek companies that represent their interests and values; encourage individuality and innovation; explore new technologies; and depart from the top-down approach towards a collaborative work environment. CEWD, in our commitment to providing the most relevant training programs, will continue to collaborate with the college, community businesses, external organizations and informed individuals to explore how we can provide services that are relevant and valuable to those we serve.

There are changes afoot at CEWD, so stay tuned to hear more!

CYAP Success Story: Tearah Chesnut

It’s always great to hear from CEWD graduates with updates about their educational, employment and personal lives. This week’s letter comes from someone who graduated from the CUNY Young Adult Program in 2010:


Good Morning,

Tearah Chesnut via LinkedIn

Tearah Chesnut via LinkedIn

My name is Tearah Chesnut and I attended the CYAP back in 2010. When I first came across this program I didn’t know what I was getting into. I am happy to say that I did complete it and went on to starting classes as a full time student at Kingsborough just a few months later. I continued on with Culinary Arts up until I got pregnant in 2012. I was just about a few credits shy, but never continued. Since then I’ve worked in a few kitchens, but never really knew if that’s where I wanted to be. I was laid off recently from a charter school working as a cafeteria supervisor. From there I really didn’t want to go back into a kitchen, let alone find another job.

1462999315A few weeks after the layoff I decided to start my own business making soap! When people ask me what made me want to start making soap I could never really find an answer. When I think about it now, looking back, while I was in the kitchen, I always wondered how ingredients can be used in other ways (other than eating them). That’s when I started researching the benefits of fruits on your skin and other various foods in the kitchen.

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CUNY & Capital One Community College Innovation Challenge

On Thursday, May 26th from 9:30am through 2:45pm, Kingsborough will host a day of activities around entrepreneurship at the CUNY & Capital One Community College Innovation Challenge.  The day includes an engaging keynote from entrepreneur Rahfeal Gordon and a workshop on Design Thinking (see description below).  There will be students pitching their innovative ideas from several of CUNY’s Community Colleges, including Kingsborough. All are welcome!

The event will be held at:
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Boulevard
the Lighthouse (formerly the MAC Rotunda)
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Event registration can be found at:  http://cuny-capitalone.eventbrite.com/

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KCC’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative


Are you a high school student who’s interested in science and/or business? In our second year, the Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative at Kingsborough will host a group high school students to participate in an on-campus summer intensive. BSII pairs a college-level, earth science course with an entrepreneurial experience to inspire interest in science through a real-life experience.

  • Dates/times: 
    July 2016 – August 2016
    Mondays – Thursdays; 9:30am – 3:30pm
  • Where:
    Kingsborough Community College
    2001 Oriental Boulevard
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • Cost: 
  • Added perks:
    free textbook
    free month-long Metrocard
    free lunch
    4 college credits for those who successfully complete the program

You can read more about last year’s program here: http://www.kingscountypolitics.com/adams-kcc-visit-highlights-special-high-school-class/

If you would like to register, please print and submit a BSII registration form.

For more information, please contact Erika Delacruz at erika.delacruz@kbcc.cuny.edu/718.368.5170

The Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative is generously supported by the AT&T Foundation and CUNY College Now.

Kitchen Ventures at Kingsborough

Kitchen Ventures Incubator Program (KVIP) at Kingsborough, a collaboration through The Office of Continuing Education, CEWD, the Culinary Arts Program and the Department of Tourism and Hospitality offers rental of our commercial kitchen space to help early-stage catering, retail and wholesale food entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. KVIP at KBCC offers supplemental education to help teach entrepreneurs how to strengthen their business plans, navigate the intricacies of distribution and comply with regulatory procedures. Thus, after completion of the incubation period, food companies can spin off to create their own, stable businesses in the community with greater success.

Take a look at our attached brochure to get more information about this new program.

International Women’s Day


Celebrate International Women’s Day with Women’s Initiative! A message from Antonia Bowring, Executive Director, Women’s Initiative New York:

“From 11am-2pm [on Saturday, March 8th], Dylan’s Candy Bar Manhattan flagship store (@ 3rd Ave and 60th St) will host a trunkshow featuring Women’s Initiative graduates and their businesses, and a percentage of sales will be donated to support Women’s Initiative programs in New York City. It will be a wonderful chance to learn more about Women’s Initiative, support our graduate’s businesses, as well as buy candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar in support of an outstanding cause!”

If you’re a long-time reader, you know we’re big fans of Women’s Initiative New York. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with an organization that has provided so much inspiration and independence for so many women.

Millennial Entrepreneurs

An interesting read for Entrepreneur Magazine: Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now. While this isn’t a jump perfectly suited for everyone, author Mike Pugh raises points about changes to the overall job market, new technologies that assist budding entrepreneurs and the lower costs associated with running virtual businesses. Don’t forget to browse through the comments for more inspiration.

Food co-ops, gentrification and community-based innovation

This post, in response to the New York Times’ article about food co-ops may strike as a bit off-topic, but it speaks to a few themes that intersect with the work we do at CEWD. First, food co-ops are an innovative form of increasing food access and creatively structuring entrepreneurship, outcomes supported by the training we provide, and driven by our students’ ambitions. Second, this article discusses the importance of building relationships with, and working with, community partners. Third, the article cites the history of food co-ops as a remedy used by African-American communities (among others) to counter mainstream grocery chain’s discriminatory location and pricing practices. The article reminds us, among its various lessons, there is often no need to reinvent the wheel. Many of the challenges we face today are not so different from challenges faced in times past. On a less soap-boxy note, I love the fact that high school students were sufficiently intrigued by the explanation provided by the Bushwick Food Co-op’s general manager, Amanda Pitt, about how a fair-trade candy bar differed from a Twix or KitKat, that they bought one to share…and contemplate?