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Job Focused Websites

It’s been a while since we’ve posted information about applying for jobs. Since you’re probably reading this post on a computer, we’ll give you a small sampling of some great job focused websites that will make your next move so much smoother.

If you haven’t signed up for the Daily Muse, I highly suggest getting on their mailing list. Instead of simply posting stagnant job information, their articles directly target job searchers with information about trending businesses, advice about moving ahead in current positions, guidance about constructing a resume that will stand out to potential employers, the roles of social media in job searching and networking, and hot-topic articles that are relevant to all workers.

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Understanding Your Digital Footprint

Where are you on the internet? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? It’s important to know that most employer prospects are checking you out online before you’re even called for an interview. Your digital footprint has become your first impression. With this in mind, keep your online persona presentable by claiming your space(s), being wary of the content you post, and keeping your profiles updated and relevant.

Still don’t believe us? A study (a little old, but still applicable) of hiring professionals shows us how likely your digital footprint affects your hireability:



Have you experienced a reaction (positive or negative) from hiring professionals or current employers based on your social media profiles?