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A Project Rise Graduate

IMG_1800I sat down with Natalie, a recent Project Rise graduate, to talk about her experiences with the program.

Me: How did you hear about Project Rise and what made you sign up?

Natalie: My mother. She saw the Project Rise advertisement in the Kingsborough Community College Brochure. My family is run on tough-love so she basically threw the brochure at me and told me I needed to get my G.E.D (I swear she is a very kind and funny woman). But I did like how they offered a paid internship and work readiness. Heaven knows I had no job experience.

Me: You just graduated. Congratulations! What did you like most about the program? 

Natalie: Generally I liked the whole package. The fact that I was going to be able to study and take the G.E.D. for free and have a paid internship along with obtaining college credits not to forget we had the chance to work on the Urban Farm, it was great…still is.

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Millennial Entrepreneurs

An interesting read for Entrepreneur Magazine: Why Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs Now. While this isn’t a jump perfectly suited for everyone, author Mike Pugh raises points about changes to the overall job market, new technologies that assist budding entrepreneurs and the lower costs associated with running virtual businesses. Don’t forget to browse through the comments for more inspiration.

The Value of Education

A report by the Pew Research Center evaluates the effect of education on earnings for Millennials (aged 25-32) as compared with previous generations. Most significant, according to this study, is the increasing pay gap between those with a high school diploma, or less, and those with a Bachelor’s degree. Put simply: compared to previous generations, high school graduates are earning less and those with a Bachelor’s degree are earning more. In addition to reporting data on salaries, and unemployment and poverty levels, the survey also looked at attitudes towards work and education. Visit the Pew Research Center for more about this report.

Preparing for the Interview


Preparing for the Interview

Throughout our job search discussions, we haven’t talked much about what to do when you land an interview. While this can be the most stressful step, it is something you can (and should!) prepare for. And preparation goes a long way.

The interview process will be different for every company/organization. With so many applicants, some companies are holding group interviews. If the position is in a different city, you might be asked for a phone or even a Skype interview. Despite this, there is basic crossover across all types–individual and group interviews, in-person and virtual–and across employment types–full- and part-time positions, internships, consulting jobs, etc.



As soon as you land the interview, start preparing right away:

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Working Millennials

Lately, I’ve seen countless over-the-top generalizations about millennials (aka, Generation Y—those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, give or take a few). Either we’re entitled, lazy workers who can’t complete tasks on our own or we’re engaged activists who use their creative, technology-driven thinking to get things done. For me? Definitely the latter group. However you see them (or yourselves!) this group cannot be dismissed.

Since our focus at CEWD is employment services, we can’t ignore how workplace demographics are changing:


and people on both sides (hiring professionals and eager workers alike) need to update our thinking:



Thoughts? Everyone is voicing their opinions…it’s time to hear yours.