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Ambassador Program at Project Rise


ProjectRiseLogoThe CEWD Ambassador Program at KCC’s Project Rise is part of the program’s Internship Tier System designed to provide the students the opportunity to gain specialized skills that are useful in the workplace and in their personal lives. Ambassadors learn skills such as professionalism, public speaking, networking, marketing, self-awareness, and responsibility.

Unlike many internship programs, this one allows ambassadors to work within a supportive and engaging professional environment where they learn about CEWD’s other workforce programs, teamwork and leadership, setting work schedules, developing marketing materials, networking with other professionals and neighborhood businesses, and serving as representatives of CEWD at citywide events, fairs and conferences.

This program not only aids students in self-improvement and self-confidence but also helps them overcome hurdles and barriers. Through activities such as role-playing, ice breakers, team competitions, memory quizzes, and the implementation of the “Selfie Race” (taking a selfie photo during the outreach and recruitment events with the Hashtag #CEWDwashere), each individual will utilize various learning techniques that will ultimately widen their horizons to new opportunities and success.

Note: If you are a current Project Rise participant and want to become an Ambassador, please note that slots are limited. Each participant is given the same opportunity to apply and interview for the program. Speak with Project Rise’s Associate Director, Dina LiMandri for more information.

CEWD’s Presentation at CUNY IT

CEWD at the CUNY IT ConferenceOn Thursday, December 4th, 2014 CEWD presented at the 13th Annual CUNY IT Conference at John Jay College. The presentation was moderated by Dr. Edgar Troudt, CEWD Director of Technology, with speakers including Christopher Pileggi, Min-Kyung Park, Gillian Gooding, Christine Zagari-LoPorto and Jessie Cinelli (read our full bios here).  Workforce Development Supported by Strategic IT Investments detailed our multi-faceted use of technology that supports CEWD’s many programs and initiatives.  

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Job Focused Websites

It’s been a while since we’ve posted information about applying for jobs. Since you’re probably reading this post on a computer, we’ll give you a small sampling of some great job focused websites that will make your next move so much smoother.

If you haven’t signed up for the Daily Muse, I highly suggest getting on their mailing list. Instead of simply posting stagnant job information, their articles directly target job searchers with information about trending businesses, advice about moving ahead in current positions, guidance about constructing a resume that will stand out to potential employers, the roles of social media in job searching and networking, and hot-topic articles that are relevant to all workers.

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Technologies in Academia NMC Horizon Report

2014-nmc-horizon-report-he-EN-1A report by the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition, was just released. It examines emerging technological trends that are expected to have an impact on higher education over the next 5 years. Discussions were held among 53 top tech experts from across the globe to identify the top six potentially industry-changing technologies. Trends were rated based on their prominence among the larger population, in addition to both formal and informal applications in the classroom.You can read the full report here.

Robust and integrative social media, online collaborative learning systems, data-driven assessments and learning, students as creators—these trends all grew from smaller tech innovations. What’s important about this report is not necessarily the individual trends, but the larger mindset of embracing technology and encouraging technological creativity in the classroom.

Understanding Your Digital Footprint

Where are you on the internet? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? It’s important to know that most employer prospects are checking you out online before you’re even called for an interview. Your digital footprint has become your first impression. With this in mind, keep your online persona presentable by claiming your space(s), being wary of the content you post, and keeping your profiles updated and relevant.

Still don’t believe us? A study (a little old, but still applicable) of hiring professionals shows us how likely your digital footprint affects your hireability:



Have you experienced a reaction (positive or negative) from hiring professionals or current employers based on your social media profiles?