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Project Rise Cohort 5 Graduation

Friday, October 10th marked an important milestone for members for Project Rise Cohort 5: graduation! This cohort was one of the most active and engaged groups we have seen with the number of students earning their GEDs, completing internship hours and staying enrolled surpassing previous cohorts. This group was so engaged, they even designed their own graduation t-shirt, sashes (made by a fellow classmate) and yearbook filled with photos and stories of their year with the program. Graduates were presented with heartfelt messages from staff members along with their certificates and celebrated with friends and family members who encouraged their success. Congratulations, Cohort 5!

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Project Rise Success

In their most recent newsletter, NYC’s Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) released a statement about Project Rise and the recent success these programs have had increasing high school equivalency attainment rates, internship participation, employment rates and college enrollment:

“During the first three quarters of 2014, providers saw each of these outcomes rise. For example, 43% of participants in the most recently completed class earned their HSE—an all-time high for Project Rise providers—and 35% of participants completed their internship, a substantial increase from the previous class. The sites achieved these goals by relentlessly focusing on outcomes, shifting strategies based on participant needs, and by learning from each other.”

If you want to see how successful we’ve been with helping students reach their academic and employment goals, check out our most recent statistics. I’d say KCC’s Project Rise is doing a pretty amazing job!

Project Rise September 2014 infographic

Jazz Age Lawn Party

In August, a number of NRC Culinary Arts students were given the opportunity to work a refreshments table at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island. This prohibition-era, historical gathering brought attendees back to a time when gramophones were king, cars were beautiful and dance was an art.

Seven NRC students from Culinary Arts Cohorts 2 and 3 worked with Michelle’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Pickles, Ukulele Luau, Arenella’s Raw Bar and many others, preparing and serving food to event-goers. This paid work opportunity provided our students with valuable catering experience that many had never been introduced to before.

If you’re interested in opportunities like this, come to CEWD’s Fall Open House to hear all about NRC and our other workforce training programs.

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An Updated Snapshot of Project Rise

Project Rise is a CEWD initiative at Kingsborough that provides educational, internship and employment services to young adults. We prepare participants for the GED®/TASC exam, supports the development of work readiness skills and provides opportunities for participants to acquire gainful employment.

Interested? Here’s an updated snapshot of Project Rise at Kingsborough:

Project Rise POSTER

Project Rise at Kingsborough

CCP Sugar Whiz Winners at KCC

On April 2, 2014 Kingsborough Community College held its 2nd annual Sugar Whiz Competition where select Culinary Arts students were invited to present their own take on a macaron and plated dish combination to attendees. Attendees voted on best dishes and out of three available winning slots, two were CUNY CareerPATH graduates!

Daw’ud Lee and Giacomo Boncimino both came to CUNY CareerPATH looking to expand their knowledge in the Culinary Field. Though their experiences differed, both men shared the same passion. Upon successful completion of CCP, both immediately expressed interest in continuing their education in KCC’s culinary department and, facilitated by their CUNY CareerPATH educational adviser, they were able to enroll. With two semesters under their belts, Daw’ud and Giacomo are each making great strides in the culinary department and playing an active role in student life. Winning the Sugar Whiz competition is only one step in the many goals both Daw’ud and Giacomo will accomplish. CUNY CareerPath is very proud to have them as graduates and brand ambassadors,  We are sure this is not the last we will hear of them.

Donor Recognition - 2014.pub

Cohort 4 Finishing Ceremony


Project Rise, Cohort 4 Finishing Ceremony. Brooklyn, NY

What does it mean to finish?

The Project Rise Finishing Ceremony marks the end of a yearlong commitment to change. Each participant who is here today began last February with the aim of making changes in their lives. Every person sitting here kept their goals in sight and finished what they started.

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CUNY CareerPATH in the News

Yesterday we highlighted a piece from Tom Hilliard at the Center for Urban Future about the need for Mayor de Blasio to focus on supporting CUNY community colleges. The report detailed interventions that CUNY community colleges have created to help students get accepted, stay in and get jobs through early college experiences. CUNY CareerPATH was highlighted as a successful workforce training program, and one that should be enhanced with greater support and collaboration throughout the city:

“Not only does Career Path deserve to be scaled up, it also would benefit from deeper coordination with city workforce, education and youth development agencies, which the de Blasio administration could expedite.”

While this article focuses on the future of CUNY initiatives, CUNY CareerPATH’s programs are still active and offering support to New York City residents who want to receive training for a better job or a place in higher education. Read more about CUNY CareerPATH here. Information sessions are continually being offered for many of our programs. If you think this program is right for you, fill out this quick survey and a CareerPATH representative will call you back to discuss eligibility and next steps.

New Year, New GED at Project Rise

Are you interested in getting your GED/TASC? Project Rise can help!

PR Infographic 2014

If you are interested and want to know more, fill out this quick survey, and a Project Rise staff member will get in contact with you. Recruitment for our next cohort is happening right now, so don’t hesitate. Your bright future is right around the corner!

Success Stories from Project Rise

Summer Award program 020

Project Rise participants at Kingsborough

Project Rise has been recognized as a highly successful program that re-connects young adults to education and employment. At Kingsborough, we have had amazing success with overall outcomes, increasing the number of enrolled participants, number of GEDs earned and increased employment with each cohort. What is even more significant is hearing the unexpected personal achievements of our participants—achievements that are not tracked by numbers, but recognized and highly valued by program staff, counselors and participants.

Despite an unexpected family illness and severe financial impediments, L.B. from Cohort 1 stayed on track with the help of counselors. On top of earning his GED, L. also started a clothing line and opened his own business. His story returns full-circle with his business becoming an internship site for current/future Project Rise participants.

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