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Healthy Eating at KCC

Last semester, Kingsborough Community Health Ambassadors produced videos about different ways to make KCC a healthier campus. Check out this one from Briana Palmieri (currently attending St. Francis for a B.S. in Health Promotion) as she asks students about healthy eating at KCC. It features students, faculty and staff from Brooklyn’s own KCC Urban Farm:

Briana Palmieri – Spring 2014 – Healthier Eating at KCC from Jose Nanin on Vimeo.

Urban Farming in Brooklyn

urban farming in BrooklynIt’s Friday and it’s beautiful out! A perfect time to share photos of KCC Urban Farm. A recap for new visitors: KCC Urban Farm is the first urban farm on a CUNY college campus. We work with faculty members, students, and community members to develop programming around urban farming. We seek to prepare students for green careers, use fresh fruits and vegetables to encourage an understanding of local and global food systems, and educate students on the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles.

Urban farming in Brooklyn is getting a whole lot smarter!


KCC Urban Farm Produce Distributions

Now that school is back in session, it’s a good time to remind everyone about the KCC Urban Farm/Single Stop produce distributions.

We will continue to distribute free farm-fresh produce to KCC students with valid ID (this event is only open to students with a valid KCC ID) every Thursday until the end of the season. In addition to produce, this event will also host cooking demonstrations that showcase some of what is being given out. Check our events page to see where these distributions will happen.

Note: this distribution is open to KCC students, only. If you’re not currently a student, sign up for one of our Continuing Education classes that are held year round.

Here’s a snapshot of past distributions:

KCC Urban Farm Summer 2014 Newsletter

Are you curious about we’re doing on the Farm? Here’s a sneak peek at the KCC Urban Farm Summer 2014 Newsletter:

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Fall KCC Urban Farm Classes


Urban Farmers at Kingsborough, Brooklyn, NY

Are you curious about organic gardening? Do you want to learn about organic gardening on an urban farm from professionals? You don’t have to be an enrolled student to take urban farm classes at Kingsborough! Our classes are offered through the Office of Continuing Education, so check us out! Call 718-368-5050 to register today!



Intro to Organic Vegetable Gardening
Tuesdays, 5:30-8:30pm, September 9 – October 28, 2014
Course code: NHB 08
$100 + $15 materials fee

This course covers all of the basics of urban gardening from soil to seed to table. Learn how to grow edible crops organically, start plants from seed, manage pests, and more at KCC Urban Farm. Students will gain skills in soil conditioning, crop planning, composting, planting, and harvesting to get on their way to producing their own fresh herbs, greens, fruits, and vegetables. This course also covers finding land for gardening in NYC and building a garden from scratch.

Advanced Organic Vegetable Gardening
Saturdays, 11am-2pm, September 13 – November 1, 2014
Course code: NHB 60
$100 + $15 materials fee

Prepare yourself for the 2015 growing season this fall at KCC Urban Farm. This class is for students who have taken Intro to Vegetable Gardening or who have some experience gardening already. Class will be a hands-on immersion into growing food organically, with lots of hands-on practice at KCC Urban Farm and communal space to grow your own fresh produce. We will go deeper into soil science, propagation, crop planning, plant care, harvesting, pest management, and botany, leaving students confident and well-equipped to grow small-scale vegetable gardens. This course will also cover season-extension and seed-saving.


Produce Distribution at KCC Urban Farm


KCC Urban Farm produce distribution. Brooklyn, NY


Kingsborough students, did you know you can get free Farm-fresh produce every Thursday this summer! In addition to produce distribution, these events will also host cooking demonstrations that showcase some of what is being given out. Free food AND we tell you what to do with it! Can it get much better?

Note: this distribution is open to KCC students, only. If you’re not currently a student, sign up for one of our summer classes or check in for future Continuing Education classes that are held year round.

Free Farm Vegetables!


Kingsborough students, get free vegetables today! Visit KCC Urban Farm between 11am-2pm  (while supplies last) to get bunches of kale, fennel, collards, lettuce and so much more! If you can’t make it today, we’ll be back on the farm on July 10th distributing more produce. Mark your calendars!

Note: this distribution is open to KCC students, only. If you’re not currently a student, sign up for one of our summer classes or check in for future Continuing Education classes that are held year round.


Apply for a Class Bed at KCC Urban Farm

KCC Urban Farm is pleased to announce the return of our class beds!

Class beds are 8’x4′ raised beds on the Farm that will be available for research and classes that go beyond what we already offer. Download or fill out the application form below for faculty, staff, and students interested in applying for space. We are looking forward to reading proposals from a variety of disciplines that will help us expand the reach of the Farm in creative and thoughtful ways. 

Applications for class beds are due July 15. Contact Mara at with any questions.

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Life on KCC Urban Farm

At KCC Urban Farm, we farm using organic growing practices. In organic agricultural systems, diversity is the key to a farm’s balanced ecosystem—and key to healthy, nutrient-dense yields. In place of using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, we rely on a variety of soil microbes, insects, plants, animals, weather conditions and farmers to keep our farm growing.

The images in this collection serve to reveal the wide array of activities and life on KCC Urban Farm. From images of microbes to photos of sowing seeds, harvesting crops, turning compost piles, insect eggs and more, these images represent the diversity and cycles of life that define organic agriculture.