KCC Urban Farm

KCC Urban Farm (Photo credit: Andrew Casner)

The KCC Urban Farm is an organic, year-round food production site. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, we compost food scraps from the Culinary Arts Program, and we host tastings, events, courses, and class visits. The Farm provides students with urban farming expertise and first-hand experience building a more sustainable food system. Training through credit, non-credit and workforce development programs emphasizes hands-on experience and practical knowledge. Our goals are to prepare students for careers in the rapidly expanding local food economy, build a greater understanding of food systems through growing fresh fruits and vegetables, and educate students on the benefits of leading healthy lifestyles.

The farm is located at the Kingsborough Community College campus between T8 and T2. To volunteer, or for more information about the farm, please email us at KCCurbanfarm@kbcc.cuny.edu.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.
Volunteer days for Spring 2013 are Wednesdays from 12-4. To register for urban farming courses, offered through Continuing Education, call 718-368-5050. 
What we do:
  1. Grow fresh, healthy, sustainable food on campus
  2. Provide volunteer opportunities
  3. Offer paid student aide farm apprenticeship and other internship opportunities
  4. Teach Continuing Education urban agriculture classes
  5. Teach Credited Culinary Arts/Urban Ag. classes
  6. Offer Farm tours and other informal education
  7. Conduct cooking demonstrations
  8. Compost kitchen waste from Culinary Arts Program
  9. Host farm-related events

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