Project Rise Success Stories 2014

IKCC's Project Risef you’re a follower of this blog, you’ve seen post after post we’ve written about the success of Project Rise. We’re obviously proud of what we do. What makes our program so great is the one-on-one attention we’re able to give our participants. This individualized counseling, along with extensive preparation for the GED/TASC and job readiness training has allowed so many participants to reactivate their professional, educational and personal lives.

A. started PR feeling insecure about her academic ability despite having specific career goals. To hide her insecurity, she focused more energy on the people around her and neglected her own academic goals. With the help of Project Rise staff, she began to take Project Rise more seriously 4 months into the program. Since then, she has become incredibly focused in class and has started a coveted internship at a local hospital. What’s more, A. has noticed the shift in her own attitude and has often referred to the “old her” and the “new her” as she speaks with classmates and program staff.

When he first began Project Rise, M. lived in a shelter that was not close to campus and, as a result, struggled to keep up with attendance. With a great deal of help from staff members who connected him with services provided by Kingsborough, M. now lives in his own apartment that is much closer to campus. Not only has attendance improved, but so has his participation. He recently passed a significant milestone—working at an internship at a local animal hospital.

R. has been one of our more committed participants. Despite not passing the math TASC, she remained committed to pursing her goal of becoming a nurse. By breaking down her larger goal into smaller, more manageable steps, she was able to visualize the full scale of what she needed to accomplish. R. just recently finished a significant milestone–a 3-week Home Health Aide training program.

Project Rise classroomKCC’s Project Rise works closely with participants to ensure their success. The above examples show our commitment to anyone who walks through our doors. You can read more about Project Rise and contact us if you’re interested in hearing more about upcoming information sessions.