Success Stories from Project Rise

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Project Rise participants at Kingsborough

Project Rise has been recognized as a highly successful program that re-connects young adults to education and employment. At Kingsborough, we have had amazing success with overall outcomes, increasing the number of enrolled participants, number of GEDs earned and increased employment with each cohort. What is even more significant is hearing the unexpected personal achievements of our participants—achievements that are not tracked by numbers, but recognized and highly valued by program staff, counselors and participants.

Despite an unexpected family illness and severe financial impediments, L.B. from Cohort 1 stayed on track with the help of counselors. On top of earning his GED, L. also started a clothing line and opened his own business. His story returns full-circle with his business becoming an internship site for current/future Project Rise participants.

C.R. entered the program with a strong academic foundation, but severe test-taking anxiety. A counselor recognized this and worked one-on-one with her to overcome these anxieties. Through this support, she passed the GED, landed a job and enrolled at Kingsborough.

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Project Rise classroom at Kingsborough

E.M.Z. was faced with a number of personal difficulties while enrolled—she lost her home due to Superstorm Sandy, went through a difficult breakup with her long-time boyfriend and found out that a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. Intensive counseling helped her emotionally and pushed her to continue towards her GED. Her academic achievements were bolstered by her new stress management abilities and motivation to overcome unexpected situations.

D.T. from Cohort 4 had a major gap in schooling stretching back to elementary school, a setback that effected his self-esteem. He considered leaving the program numerous times, but was guided back by program counselors. While he still has a number of hurdles to overcome, D. has gained confidence that has helped increase his academic achievements.

These are just a few personal stories coming from Project Rise at Kingsborough. Our next cohort starts in February, so contact us today if you think this program is right for you: 718.368.6600 or

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