Welcome to CEWD at the CUNY IT Conference

Welcome to the CUNY IT Conference!

If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance your sitting in our session:  “Workforce Development Supported By Strategic IT Investments”  (December 4th at 2:15pm if you’re not with us) Our panelists, including Edgar Troudt, Babette Audant, Christoper Pileggi, Gillian Gooding, Min-Kyung Park, Christine Zagari-LoPorto and Jessie Cinelli (Don’t know us? Check us out here), will be discussing how CEWD harnesses smart information technology in the areas of Participant Tracking, Data Quality Assurance, Trends Analysis, Partner Management and Outreach.

Are you curious to learn how we developed and use a participant tracking system for our DOL funded grant programs, CUNY CareerPATH and the Northeast Resiliency Consortium? Have you heard about our award-winning marketing and outreach team? Join us as we talk about utilizing technology to develop and run successful workforce training programs.

If you have any questions about this presentation or want to discuss CEWD’s workforce training programs, don’t hesitate to contact us: cewd@kbcc.cuny.edu.