CUNY Fatherhood Academy to begin recruitment for their January 2017 College Preparation!

Our College Prep program at the CUNY Fatherhood Academy at Kingsbroough Community College is NOW accepting fathers and expecting fathers between the ages of 18 and 30 years old!  This program is perfect for fathers who are looking to make a major life improvement for themselves and their families! This 12 week/2 days a week program is perfect for fathers who are looking to enroll in college and gain experience in the workforce!

IMG_2059(CUNY Fatherhood Academy also will be offering their FREE High School Equivalency preparation program in Spring 2017. )

Both programs provide internships, workshops on college readiness, resume writing and so much more! You will receive free metrocards, mentoring opportunities and fun family events, among other many other incredible resources.

Fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you soon! Go to CFA’s main page to learn more about our College Prep and High School Equivalency programs or call us at 718.368.6784.

Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative

In its second year, the Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative (BSII) invited more than 35 high-school students to Kingsborough Community College (KCC) for a summer science and business immersion program. BSII paired a college-level Earth Science coursed with a virtual enterprise experience and had student develop virtual businesses using the concepts they learned in each class. This year’s student businesses include SpearTech, a solar-powered outdoor canopy that harnesses the sun’s power for usable energy, and BeeHax, a company that studies and proposes solutions to the collapse of bee colonies around the world.

Join us next Monday to hear student pitches and view their showcase of potential ideas. The event will be held at KCC’s MAC Rotunda (the Lighthouse) on August 8th from 2:30pm to 5:00pm


BSII is a collaboration between CEWD, KCC’s College Now and the Physical Sciences Department at KCC and is generously supported by the AT&T Foundation

Culinary Arts and Community Healthcare Worker Training Program Outreach

Dreams AND careers begin here!

You can get a head start on your dreams, and onto a great career path by enrolling in one of our affordable Northeast Resiliency Consortium training programs through Kingsborough Community College’s Center for Economic and Workforce Development in Brooklyn. NRC training programs prepare individuals for employment and career advancement in the high-growth sectors of Culinary Arts, Maritime Technology, and Health Care.

November 20, 2014 - New York, NY - The 2014 Chefs for Impact Dinner at Studio 450 in New York. Photo by Kristyn Ulanday

The Culinary Arts program provides hands-on training in food preparation as well as the necessary skills to earn nationally-recognized certificates in Food Safety and Production. You will learn a variety of components in food service, including fundamental cooking terminology, techniques, and theories. Successful program participants will earn a NYC Department of Health Food Protection Certificate. You can apply credits earned toward a Culinary Arts A.A.S degree at Kingsborough. Fee: $75.

IMG_1630The Community Healthcare Worker (CHW) training program prepares you to work within your communities as a patient advocate, health educator, or liaisons among the community and existing health/social services. CHW students are introduced to a variety of health-related themes including the relationship between health and human behavior, and managing high-risk behaviors and disease prevention that help prepare them for this multi-faceted position. Fee: $75

This is not just ANOTHER training program!

Eligible students are only responsible for the program fee which provides the participants with the occupational training, all instructional materials, textbooks, and our enhanced supportive services at no additional cost. Here’s what you get:

  • Access to a full suite of employment readiness services
  • Job placement assistance
  • College enrollment assistance
  • Access to NRC’s textbook lending library
  • Job retention services

Contact us at 718-368-4637 to sign up, or visit our website at

NRC Application Session Form

If you are interested in attending an NRC Application Session, please fill out the below form. An NRC representative will call you to assess your eligibility and tell you everything you need to know about our programs.

Program Eligibility

Your responses determine your eligibility, so please read each question carefully and choose the best answer. If you are unsure about a question and would like to speak with an NRC representative, please contact us at 718.368.4637.

*Test for Adult Basic Education.
**Applicants only need one of the above.
***If your document is not in English, it must be translated.
If you are a US citizen, have a green card, or have a work visa, you are eligible for KCC's NRC.
Answering NO will not make you ineligible. This question is not mandatory.
Answering NO will not make you ineligible. This question is not mandatory.

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions, we might not be able to serve you due to US Department of Labor restrictions. To speak to a representative about your eligibility, please call us at the number above.

Program and Application Session Selection
Contact Information
Fall 2016 recruitment will begin in the next few weeks. We highly suggest that you complete and submit the form above. An NRC representative will contact you to assess your eligibility and add your name to our wait list.
Please give your first AND last name.
Enter your phone number without hyphens (-). Example: 1234567890
If other, please tell us where.

If you have any questions about the above application, please do not hesitate to contact us a 718.368.4637.


To be eligible to apply for NRC, you must be 18 or older, hold a HS diploma or GED and be legally authorized to work in the US. Other eligibility requirements may apply. This workforce solution was funded by a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The solution was created by the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the of­ficial position of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Department of Labor makes no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind, express or implied, with respect to such information, including any information on linked sites and including, but not limited to, accuracy of the information or its completeness, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy, continued availability, or ownership. The Northeast Resiliency Consortium program is an EEO program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Mara Gittleman, KCC Urban Farm Education Manager, Researches Stormwater Runoff in NYC

gittleman-farmCongratulations are in order for KCC Urban Farm Education Manager, Mara Gittleman. Her paper, Estimating stormwater runoff for community gardens in New York City was just published in the journal Urban Ecosystems!

“Community gardens are critical ecological infrastructure in cities providing an important link between people and urban nature. The documented benefits of community gardens include food production, recreational opportunities, and a wide number of social benefits such as improving community stability, reducing crime, and physical and mental health benefits. While much of the literature cites community gardens as providing environmental benefits for cities, there is little empirical evidence of these benefits. Here we examine the stormwater runoff benefits of community gardens by comparing two methods to estimate absorption rates of stormwater runoff in urban community gardens of New York City. The first method uses general land cover classes as determined by a land cover dataset; the second methods adds a land cover specific to community gardens — raised beds, typically used for food production. We find that in addition to the stormwater mitigation performed by pervious surfaces within a garden site, community gardens in New York City may be retaining an additional 12 million gallons (~45 million liters) of stormwater annually due to the widespread use of raised beds with compost as a soil amendment.”

Read the entire article here:  Estimating stormwater runoff for community gardens in New York City.


Deckhand Training Available This Fall Through NRC!

If you love the ocean and working with people, then consider a career in maritime!

marine_mainA hot new career path is starting off with an entry level position as a Deckhand and we have the training that can get you a position with one of the leading NYC leading ferry service companies!

Pay the one time Non-Refundable program fee of $300 and receive:

  • 13 day express training with certifications that will prepare you for your new career.
  • Job placement assistance that includes an interview at completion of training!
  • CPR certification as well as assistance in obtaining the Transportation Worker Identification Credential!

…and so much more!



Additionally, once you complete training, in order to be gainfully employed in the maritime industry, you will need to have your Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®).  TWIC® is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for workers who need access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities/vessels, and others who require a TWIC®. TSA conducts a security threat assessment (background check) to determine a person’s eligibility and issues the credential. U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens in certain immigrant/non-immigrant categories may apply for the credential. Most mariners licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard also require a credential. Regarding card usage and facility access requirements, please contact the U.S. Coast Guard. Learn more about TWIC® card here.  You must be able to pay the $128.00 for this credential. 

NOTICE: All applicants shall be subject to medical and physical requirements  (similar as the merchant mariner credential not needed for this training) as per 46 CFR 10.215/.203 to ensuring employability after completion of the training program.  During the application process for the credentials, along with a drug test, a physical by a physician would be completed.

Passing the medical, physical or drug test requirements DOES NOT prohibit you from registering or completing the Kingsborough NRC Deckhand training program. 


Kingsborough's NRC Deckhand Training
Please give your first AND last name.
Enter your phone number without hyphens (-). Example: 1234567890
If OTHER please tell us where.
Registration will take place on the following dates. Choose only one. Someone will confirm your attendance. Please contact Hillary Stackpole for assistance if you are not able to attend registration on any of the below listed days at 718-368-6635.
If you have any questions, you can ask them here or contact an NRC representative at 718.368.6635

Register for KCC’s CUNY Fatherhood Academy

New CFAThis Father’s Day, give the gifts of knowledge, confidence, and security to your child.

Register for KCC’s CUNY Fatherhood Academy



Are you, or someone you know, a young father who needs a high school equivalency diploma. If so, find out more about KCC’s High School Equivalency program through KCC’s CUNY Fatherhood Academy at an upcoming Application Session.

This program is more than just classroom engagement. We provide workshops, mentoring opportunities, familial engagement activities, case management, and so much more! We even provide FREE metrocards and other incentives.

Call a CFA representative for more information (718.368.6784) or register for an application session to find out more.

CYAP Success Story: Tearah Chesnut

It’s always great to hear from CEWD graduates with updates about their educational, employment and personal lives. This week’s letter comes from someone who graduated from the CUNY Young Adult Program in 2010:


Good Morning,

Tearah Chesnut via LinkedIn

Tearah Chesnut via LinkedIn

My name is Tearah Chesnut and I attended the CYAP back in 2010. When I first came across this program I didn’t know what I was getting into. I am happy to say that I did complete it and went on to starting classes as a full time student at Kingsborough just a few months later. I continued on with Culinary Arts up until I got pregnant in 2012. I was just about a few credits shy, but never continued. Since then I’ve worked in a few kitchens, but never really knew if that’s where I wanted to be. I was laid off recently from a charter school working as a cafeteria supervisor. From there I really didn’t want to go back into a kitchen, let alone find another job.

1462999315A few weeks after the layoff I decided to start my own business making soap! When people ask me what made me want to start making soap I could never really find an answer. When I think about it now, looking back, while I was in the kitchen, I always wondered how ingredients can be used in other ways (other than eating them). That’s when I started researching the benefits of fruits on your skin and other various foods in the kitchen.

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CUNY & Capital One Community College Innovation Challenge

On Thursday, May 26th from 9:30am through 2:45pm, Kingsborough will host a day of activities around entrepreneurship at the CUNY & Capital One Community College Innovation Challenge.  The day includes an engaging keynote from entrepreneur Rahfeal Gordon and a workshop on Design Thinking (see description below).  There will be students pitching their innovative ideas from several of CUNY’s Community Colleges, including Kingsborough. All are welcome!

The event will be held at:
Kingsborough Community College
2001 Oriental Boulevard
the Lighthouse (formerly the MAC Rotunda)
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Event registration can be found at:

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KCC’s Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative


Are you a high school student who’s interested in science and/or business? In our second year, the Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative at Kingsborough will host a group high school students to participate in an on-campus summer intensive. BSII pairs a college-level, earth science course with an entrepreneurial experience to inspire interest in science through a real-life experience.

  • Dates/times: 
    July 2016 – August 2016
    Mondays – Thursdays; 9:30am – 3:30pm
  • Where:
    Kingsborough Community College
    2001 Oriental Boulevard
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • Cost: 
  • Added perks:
    free textbook
    free month-long Metrocard
    free lunch
    4 college credits for those who successfully complete the program

You can read more about last year’s program here:

If you would like to register, please print and submit a BSII registration form.

For more information, please contact Erika Delacruz at

The Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative is generously supported by the AT&T Foundation and CUNY College Now.