This Summer at Kingsborough: Chemistry, Nutrition, Business and Farming!

Calling all High School Juniors! 

Spend July with Kingsborough’s for the Brooklyn Science Innovation Initiative (BSII) a science and business immersion program!


This program has a lot going for it! First, you’ll learn about foundational chemistry topics through the lens f nutrition, specifically about how chemicals, vitamins and minerals effect basic bodily systems. Second, you’ll use KCC Urban Farm, KCC’s on-campus food production site, as a hands-on laboratory. Third, you’ll take what you’ve learned to create businesses that respond to industry-related problems. When you go back to school in the Fall, you’ll have the power to amaze your friends with your knowledge of chemistry, business, nutrition AND farming.

Last year’s focus of Earth Science led students to create businesses such as SpearTech, a solar-powered outdoor canopy that harnesses the sun’s power for usable energy, and BeeHax, a company that studies and proposes solutions to the collapse of bee colonies around the world, among others.

July 2017 – August 2017
Mondays – Thursdays; 9:30am – 4:00pm
Kingsborough Community College
Added perks:
free textbook
free month-long Metrocard
free lunch
4 college credits for those who successfully complete the program and enroll at KCC

Visit Kingsborough’s website to register for the program. If you need more information, please contact Ms. Erika Delacruz at 718.368.5170 or