Apply for a Class Bed at KCC Urban Farm

If you’re planning on bringing your class to KCC Urban Farm more than once throughout the semester, consider applying for a class bed!

Class beds are 8’x4′ raised beds at KCC Urban Farm that will be available for research and classes that go beyond what we already offer. Download or fill out the application form below for faculty, staff, and students interested in applying for space. We are looking forward to reading proposals from a variety of disciplines that will help us expand the reach of the Farm in creative and thoughtful ways. 

Applications for class beds for Spring and Summer 2015 semesters are due February 13, 2015. Contact Mara at with any questions.

Need some ideas? Here are some that have been done in the past!

  • A culinary professor brought his students out nearly every week to watch how the changing season affected the availability of produce. They harvested herbs and vegetables to cook in class.
  • A biology professor brought her students to the class bed in groups of 2-3 for hands-on practice after class
  • A BEH Link class between English and Sociology used a class bed to reinforce ideas learned about Food Systems in class: seeds and seed-saving, access to healthy food, seasonality and local vs. conventional food systems, etc.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Design and implement an experiment! Can we grow more nutritious vegetables than what we can find in supermarkets? How does the biodiversity found on the farm compare to that found around campus? What’s the most effective organic fertilizer? What are some best practices for pest management?
  • Bring your class every other week to plant seeds and carry them through to harvest. While they’re on the farm,  they can observe seasonal changes to harvest, flora, and fauna, or host small group discussions about our food system. At the end of the semester, the students can harvest what they’ve grown and share a meal!

Contact Information
Planned Use
KCC Urban Farm staff will help with the maintenance and watering of calss beds, but we can\'t do it all. ALl class beds need to be weeded and maintained by the class or faculty/staff person. Describe your experience and level of expertise in gardening, landscaping or plant care.
Class Bed Application
Describe your project. What is the goal? What will your students get out of it?
How does this project fit in with your existing curriculum or research? How will it help to achieve your course\'s learning outcomes? Is this class or project approved for civic engagement or service learning? Are you considering developing an advanced learning community link course with the Farm?
Why is growing space necessary for this project? How does it go beyond existing KCC Urban Farm programming?
How will you know if this project was a success?